Confessions on Total Depravity, Part 7: Doxology

Glory be to God the Father, Creator of all that exists, To the Son, Savior of those who believe, To the Spirit, Sanctifier of the profane; And peace to those on earth. Almighty, Pantocrator, Omnipotence, Yahweh, the Triune God, we pay homage to you who had mercy upon us! We bow before your throne andContinue reading “Confessions on Total Depravity, Part 7: Doxology”

Parenting after God: How God’s Sovereignty Affects My Parenting

Yesterday, I picked up my kids from day care and headed home. One of my sons was not having a particularly good day and we had a bit of a confrontation on our drive. See, sometimes he doesn’t want to home the normal way, but instead asks to go alternative routes. We had to getContinue reading “Parenting after God: How God’s Sovereignty Affects My Parenting”

Confessions on Total Depravity, Part 6: First Corinthians Two

To you, my Truth, I confess; I confess and will not hold back. All men are sinners; Transgressors every last one. All have sinned lacking your glory; Your splendor fails from men. Yet, you have revealed to us; You have shown to the sons of men; That if we believe your Gospel; The good newsContinue reading “Confessions on Total Depravity, Part 6: First Corinthians Two”

Assyria v Judah: God’s Sovereignty and 2 Kings 19:25

A passage that comes to the forefront in the church’s debate over God’s sovereignty is 2 Kings 19:25. Calvinists use it to point to God’s meticulous sovereignty. Non-Calvinists, such as myself, disagree with that conclusion. The passage is set during the time of Hezekiah when the nation of Assyria rose to dominance. They brutally conqueredContinue reading “Assyria v Judah: God’s Sovereignty and 2 Kings 19:25”

Confessions on Total Depravity, Part 5: Romans Eight

Let me therefore continue, oh Lord, as I seek to understand your word. Withhold not your answer from me nor deny my sincere question. Open my eyes, that I may behold the incredible meaning of your word. They say, my Master, that since sin has entered the world and all have been condemned under Adam’sContinue reading “Confessions on Total Depravity, Part 5: Romans Eight”

Does Lamentations 3:37-38 Support Determinism?

So I saw on a Facebook group someone citing Lamentations 3:37-38 as proof of determinism (the Calvinist definition of sovereignty). Do these verses really teach determinism? According to the ESV, they do. But when you dig into Hebrew and Greek, they don’t. Introduction Music Citation: Two Pianos by Manuel Senfft ( is licensed under aContinue reading “Does Lamentations 3:37-38 Support Determinism?”

Hebrew Reading: Genesis 1

Hey everyone! I’m planning to get on the livestream today around 4:00pm and start a Hebrew reading thing. Basically, I’m going to start in Genesis 1 and start reading through the Hebrew Bible. My sight reading skills aren’t that great because it’s been a while. So you will have to bear with me. But I’llContinue reading “Hebrew Reading: Genesis 1”

Confessions on Total Depravity, Part 4: Romans Five

Oh Lord, you are mighty and your word is true; With verity and strength you proclaim knowledge.      Your speech shows me things that are beyond me;      And I cannot plumb the depth of your mysteries.            Oh, open my eyes blinded by sin and frailty;            So that I may know you andContinue reading “Confessions on Total Depravity, Part 4: Romans Five”

Injustice Shows Worship

Idolatry and injustice go hand in hand. “Injustice… reveals what you worship.”~Russell Meek, commenting on the Book of Micah The injustice that is perpetuated in Christianity today, especially in the alt-conservative/fundamentalist resurgence is a sign of whom they worship. It is no light thing to cover over sin for the sake of your institution. ItContinue reading “Injustice Shows Worship”