Parenting after God: How God’s Sovereignty Affects My Parenting

Yesterday, I picked up my kids from day care and headed home. One of my sons was not having a particularly good day and we had a bit of a confrontation on our drive. See, sometimes he doesn’t want to home the normal way, but instead asks to go alternative routes. We had to getContinue reading “Parenting after God: How God’s Sovereignty Affects My Parenting”

Assyria v Judah: God’s Sovereignty and 2 Kings 19:25

A passage that comes to the forefront in the church’s debate over God’s sovereignty is 2 Kings 19:25. Calvinists use it to point to God’s meticulous sovereignty. Non-Calvinists, such as myself, disagree with that conclusion. The passage is set during the time of Hezekiah when the nation of Assyria rose to dominance. They brutally conqueredContinue reading “Assyria v Judah: God’s Sovereignty and 2 Kings 19:25”

Does Lamentations 3:37-38 Support Determinism?

So I saw on a Facebook group someone citing Lamentations 3:37-38 as proof of determinism (the Calvinist definition of sovereignty). Do these verses really teach determinism? According to the ESV, they do. But when you dig into Hebrew and Greek, they don’t. Introduction Music Citation: Two Pianos by Manuel Senfft ( is licensed under aContinue reading “Does Lamentations 3:37-38 Support Determinism?”

013 Theological Musings on Total Depravity

I love theology! And I am back with a theological musings where I cover Total Depravity. I work through five passages commonly used to defend the position and I find them lacking. Also, follow my confessions on total depravity for footnotes and such: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Introduction Music Citation: Two PianosContinue reading “013 Theological Musings on Total Depravity”

John 6 and Effectual Drawing: What Does It Mean to Hear and Learn?

This question was posed to me on the ever so scholarly debate platform Facebook. Nate Labadorf what is your argument as to why election is not unconditional, and why Christ is not given all the sheep He is given by God in Him (Christ )in John 6? Let’s answer that second question in this post.Continue reading “John 6 and Effectual Drawing: What Does It Mean to Hear and Learn?”

The Court against Oppression: Biblical Legal Theory from a Covenant Law Suit

In this podcast, we discover how an ancient Israelite prophet argued his legal case against Israel. This discovery shows how the legal system in Israel was based on a common-law system.

The OT and Me: What is Our Relationship with It?

Most Christians at some time or another have wondered what we do with the Old Testament (OT). I don’t think I can answer all the questions. But I want to suggest a way of thinking about the OT that may lead to fruitful exegesis. Before my suggestion, I have two thoughts. First, as Christians weContinue reading “The OT and Me: What is Our Relationship with It?”

Ugarit and It’s Significance for Biblical Studies: Part 2

Grammatical Comparison Because of their close proximity to each other, Ugaritic and Hebrew share many common features. For example, the base form for many of their words has three radicals. From these radicals, endings are added, or vowels changed to use the words in a variety of ways. Nouns The noun systems in Ugaritic andContinue reading “Ugarit and It’s Significance for Biblical Studies: Part 2”

The State of Modern Biblical Studies

I just read an excellent article from Joshua Berman. He works through the state of modern Biblical Studies and finds many problems with it. “A double standard permeates the field [of biblical studies]: when a scholar adduces evidence for the unity of a biblical text, he is liable to be labeled a conservative and dismissed;Continue reading “The State of Modern Biblical Studies”