Confessions on Total Depravity, Part 2: Genesis Six and Eight

Read also Part 1. Yahweh, I come before you. Undeserving of any of your favors, for I am not worthy to be called your son. Oh Yahweh, guide my thoughts and my understanding. Lead me in the path of righteousness for your name sake. There are many who say we cannot respond to you unlessContinue reading “Confessions on Total Depravity, Part 2: Genesis Six and Eight”

Compassion: The Common Work of God

At times, I’ve heard a sentiment like this repeated: “It should surprise us that God should have compassion on us in our rebellion.” The statement above is common at least by way of sentiment in the evangelical world. But I wonder if it is true. Should we be surprised that God would move to haveContinue reading “Compassion: The Common Work of God”