Sermon: Joash, The Hypocrite King

Given Josh Harris’s announcement, I find this interesting that I preach this sermon on July 14th, 2019. I wrote this sermon in the fall of 2018 and intended to preach it that winter. But because that Sunday accidentally was double booked at the church, my message was postponed. I planed to preach it in March,Continue reading “Sermon: Joash, The Hypocrite King”

Jonathan Edwards: Religious Affections

This week, turn our attention to the Coffee House Series because I need more time to prep my YHWH: God of the Gods series. Here, I read a paper by Matt Bohin on Jonathan Edwards’s book Religious Affections. It is a fascinating overview Edwards life and the background to why he wrote Religious Affections. Matt then gives an overviewContinue reading “Jonathan Edwards: Religious Affections”

YHWH in His Council

In this podcast, we explore how God interacts with His council. The content actually is a paper written by Judson Greene who is studying for his Masters in Biblical Languages and Literature. The paper is a little dense, so if you have problems understanding it, don’t worry. I ended up reading it about 4 orContinue reading “YHWH in His Council”

The Plan: Interviews, Courses, and Patreon

So this week is a bit of a house keeping podcast. I’d like to expand Fresh Ground Theology and get more people aware of what were doing. I’ve got several ideas that I want your feed back from! I want to interview students and read more papers on this podcast. The idea here is toContinue reading “The Plan: Interviews, Courses, and Patreon”

Fallen Angels and the Book of Enoch: An Interview with David Lompe

In today’s show, I host my first ever interview/discussion with my guest David Lompe. He is what I call a amateur theologian: that is, theology is not his profession, but it is his passion. In the discussion we talk about the book of Enoch. We touch on what it is and why it is notContinue reading “Fallen Angels and the Book of Enoch: An Interview with David Lompe”

Peter and the Titans: Are the Sons of God Titans?

Welcome back to this week’s episode of Fresh Ground Theology. Currently, we are studying the supernatural world in the Old Testament. So far, we’ve studied the phrase sons of God in the Old Testament and I propose that every time it appears in the Old Testament it refers to angels. Then we raised that naggingContinue reading “Peter and the Titans: Are the Sons of God Titans?”

Angels, Women, and Anunnaki: What did the Ancient Near East Think of Genesis 6?

This week we are continuing our mini-series on the identity of the Sons of God in Genesis chapter six. Originally, I thought that I could cover this passage along with episode three. But, as I studied it, I found that I need to dedicate an episode to it. Then I studied it more and foundContinue reading “Angels, Women, and Anunnaki: What did the Ancient Near East Think of Genesis 6?”

Did Angels Marry Women? How Early Christians Answered This Question

Link to the show at In this podcast, we begin our journey into the much disputed passage: Genesis 6:1-4. Since there is so much data on this passage, I’ve actually split it up into a three part mini-series. Episode four will discuss Christian interpretations of this passage. Episode five will discuss ANE texts relatingContinue reading “Did Angels Marry Women? How Early Christians Answered This Question”

A Guide to Wellhausen’s Hypothesis

This is the next installment of the Coffee House Symposium series. This is a paper that I wrote on Wellhausen and his work Prolegomina to the History of Israel. My goal was to simply trace his idea through the book. As such, I did not attempt to critique him, even though a critique is justified. Prolegomena to the HistoricalContinue reading “A Guide to Wellhausen’s Hypothesis”