Repentance from Hardness of Heart: Why We Pray That God May Grant Repentance

Paul states in 2 Timothy 2:25: “God may perhaps grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth.” Reformed Christians point to this passage to prove that God must grant repentance for salvation. But is this the case? No, it’s not. This isn’t hard to explain within a Provisionist perspective. The answer really isContinue reading “Repentance from Hardness of Heart: Why We Pray That God May Grant Repentance”

The Glorious Sovereignty of God: Why God Gains More Glory Through Freewill than Determinism

From the Pilgrims through Edwards to Piper, Calvinism has had the prominent influence over the theology in America. Thus, it seems, in every area of American Christendom, people assume Calvinistic doctrines to defend the faith. I, however, along with many others, have rejected this underpinning for what I believe is a more coherent and BiblicalContinue reading “The Glorious Sovereignty of God: Why God Gains More Glory Through Freewill than Determinism”

Christian Politics: Do We Think about Justice?

A year ago, I actively began my journey out of conservative politics in order to view the world for myself. I left because much of conservative politics, I could only conclude, was filled with unChristian viewpoints. It is not that I saw the left as inherently better. While the right has many unChristian viewpoints, theContinue reading “Christian Politics: Do We Think about Justice?”

Love not Hate: A Recovering Fundamentalist Makes an Apology

My last post stirred some pushback from many people across a wide variety of camps. The main reason is that I simplified too much of the fundamentalist and Calvinistic camps without sufficient nuance or disclaimers. I made strawmen caricatures with which everyone disagrees. I apologize for overgeneralizations. I was attempting to write my thoughts on the matter and the conclusions to which I’ve come. But in doing so, I’m afraid I did not do justice to my theological sparring partners.

Calvinism and Fundamentalism: Why I’m Scared of Both

As I’m sure you picked up on, I’m not a fan of either Calvinism or Fundamentalism. I was thinking about it, and I came to the conclusion that I reject both theologies for the same reason: neither describes God accurately. By the term accurately I mean they do not describe God how the Bible does.Continue reading “Calvinism and Fundamentalism: Why I’m Scared of Both”

Calvinism and Liberalism

I was reading a very interesting book on Oliver Wendell Holmes, the great American jurist. He grew up in Boston during the later half of the 19th century. This was the time when New England rejected the Christian Faith. The book observed how New England was founded by the Puritans who espoused Calvinism. From thereContinue reading “Calvinism and Liberalism”

My Thoughts on Presuppositional Apologetics

By Nate Labadorf I’ve thought a fair bit about presuppositional apologetics this last year and have come to some mixed conclusions. At first, I thought it was a poor system because it starts with a viscously circular argument. But, after further reflection, I did find some value in it. On the plus side, it doesContinue reading “My Thoughts on Presuppositional Apologetics”

The Marriage of Rightwing Politics and Social Darwinism

Preface: several years ago I used to be super rightwing. However, as I’ve grown in Christ and studied more, I’ve realized that rightwing political positions don’t always align with Scripture. I’ve realized that I have the choice to follow Scripture completely or follow rightwing politics completely—but I can’t do both. So, I’ve chosen to alignContinue reading “The Marriage of Rightwing Politics and Social Darwinism”

Christians and the Undoing of America

America totters on the edge of collapse. Or so it seems, anyway. The nation which was self proclaimed a “light on a hill” now seems to give no more light than a glow-in-the-dark sticker. The manifest destiny which once was defined by greatness, now leans toward destruction. In this dark hour in American history, ChristiansContinue reading “Christians and the Undoing of America”