Conversation with Calvinist Brandon Groce

Brandon is my cousin-in-law and he went reformed about the same time I went Provisionist. We are going to have a conversation about our two different theological paths. But first, something we both agree on: good coffee. We both share the story of our theological development. Then we each present three reasons for our views.Continue reading “Conversation with Calvinist Brandon Groce”

Toward Racial Reconciliation

Our churches today tend to be divided along racial lines. Thankfully, the lines are not as stiff as they once were. But still, if you walk into a church, you are going to find it predominately made up of one race. But there is an unfortunate development in many churches: we all may be oneContinue reading “Toward Racial Reconciliation”

Probing Fundamentalism

I have been thinking a lot about Fundamentalism and fundamentalism. I can safely that the I am not part of the first category–Fundamentalism. This group is dedicated to the KJVO, antimodern, and antintellectual. Getting my PhD eliminates me from this group. The second group is the tricky one. It started with the idea of beingContinue reading “Probing Fundamentalism”