Does Lamentations 3:37-38 Support Determinism?

So I saw on a Facebook group someone citing Lamentations 3:37-38 as proof of determinism (the Calvinist definition of sovereignty). Do these verses really teach determinism? According to the ESV, they do. But when you dig into Hebrew and Greek, they don’t. Introduction Music Citation: Two Pianos by Manuel Senfft ( is licensed under aContinue reading “Does Lamentations 3:37-38 Support Determinism?”

000 Theological Musings: Introduction

I introduce in this podcast a series I call theological musings. It’s a new addition to the show that hope will fill in the time between my more developed shows. Introduction Music Citation: Two Pianos by Manuel Senfft ( is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

The Court against Oppression: Biblical Legal Theory from a Covenant Law Suit

In this podcast, we discover how an ancient Israelite prophet argued his legal case against Israel. This discovery shows how the legal system in Israel was based on a common-law system.

Update: Blog and Podcast

So the question is where have I been? I’m not really sure, I think. At the beginning of June I contracted COVID19 and underwent its symptoms. I nailed ever symptom on the list but thankfully I stayed out of the hospital. It pretty much crushed my creativity though, so I wasn’t able to write much.Continue reading “Update: Blog and Podcast”

Symposium Interview with Jonathon Davis about Bonhoeffer

In this podcast, I interview Jonathon Davis about his paper concerning the theology of Bonhoeffer. I really enjoyed this interview. Jonathon really knew his stuff and was able to take a lot of the confusing parts about Bonhoeffer and distill it for me to understand. I hope you enjoy!

Symposium Interview: Judson Green and the Divine Council

Today, my buddy and I interview Judson Greene, a friend of mine at BJU. He wrote the papers on YHWH and the divine council that I read earlier this year.

Christ and the Divine Council

This week, I’m launching into something new inspired by Judson’s paper. His paper was all about bringing the data of the divine council into the area of systematic theology. Specifically, he explored how it effected the area of Theology Proper. In my reading and research this summer, I took this as a model for exploringContinue reading “Christ and the Divine Council”

The Origin of the Gods

Welcome back. This week, we are continuing our venture into what the Bible says about the supernatural. This is a continuation of the series YHWH: God of the Gods. In this episode, we are going to answer the question: where did the gods come from? We will start with a short story from Phoenicia thatContinue reading “The Origin of the Gods”