The Atheistic Origins of Polytheism Part 3

The Development of the Gods Eusebius switched subjects from origins to the development of the gods. He went first to Phoenicia, believing that its philosophers recorded the oldest theology. Next, he traveled to Egypt and noted the changes the Egyptians made to the theology. Finally, he arrived at Greece and its development of theology. In all this, he argued that the gods were merely deified men and women who were vial and cruel at their core. And thus, since the GreeksContinue reading “The Atheistic Origins of Polytheism Part 3”

The Origin of the Gods

Welcome back. This week, we are continuing our venture into what the Bible says about the supernatural. This is a continuation of the series YHWH: God of the Gods. In this episode, we are going to answer the question: where did the gods come from? We will start with a short story from Phoenicia thatContinue reading “The Origin of the Gods”