Confessions on Total Depravity, Part 3: Psalm Fifty-One

“Ah,” they say, “You are wrong. Psalm 51:5 says, ‘Behold, in iniquity I was born, and in sin my mother conceived me’ (LEB). See, man is sinful from birth which means he is unable to respond to God.” Oh Lord, my creator, I fall before you. I submit my mind to you. You guide myContinue reading “Confessions on Total Depravity, Part 3: Psalm Fifty-One”

Exegesis: Theology’s Science

The so-called soft sciences, such as history or anthropology, have a common issue: the lack of experimental controls. That is, there is no “standard” to compare it too. Unlike empirical sciences, like biology and physics, there is no way to repeat history and only change small variables in the process. This does not mean thatContinue reading “Exegesis: Theology’s Science”