A Foundational Self-Contradiction in Presuppositional Apologetics

People familiar with Christian apologetics know that Presuppositional Apologetics is often charged with relentless circularity. It is charged thus because it starts with the premise that the Bible is true because the Bible says it’s true. This circularity is not what I’m talking about in this article. Instead, I want to address the very sourceContinue reading “A Foundational Self-Contradiction in Presuppositional Apologetics”

Thoughts on Apologetics

There is a debate about how to do apologetics. I certainly will not solve the debate, but I offer my observations. Most everyone agrees: evidence is not enough to convert anyone. And there must be a work of the Spirit. What we do argue over is what kind of evidences we should use and howContinue reading “Thoughts on Apologetics”

Michael Bird’s How God Became Jesus

How God Became Jesus is Michael Bird’s response to Bart Ehrman’s book How Jesus Became God. Bird saw a prepublication advertisement at SBL and was struck by the need to respond quickly to Ehrman. He approached Zondervan about this idea and was given approval. He assembled a team of scholars (Craig A. Evans, Simon J.Continue reading “Michael Bird’s How God Became Jesus”

B. B. Warfield’s Lord of Glory

Non-Christians have denied the deity of Jesus from the beginning of his ministry to the present day. They attack the reliability of the New Testament, saying that Jesus never claimed to be God. Christians have responded over time by building the case for Jesus’s deity. B. B. Warfield added his case to the cause withContinue reading “B. B. Warfield’s Lord of Glory”