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For most of us Bible Students, we work hard to understand and produce good theology. We all work hard, whether it’s presenting orthodox theology in a new light or digging into new areas of theology that have not been explored. While it is our passion to create good theology, we often do it alone. Our interactions with other scholars and students are often limited to the class room or annual conferencesAnd after we pour 40, 60, or 100 plus hours into a project, often our work dies a slow death in the back of a filing cabinet.

I want to change that experience. I want to create a community for conservative, biblical scholars to encourage each other to produce the best scholarship possible so that the church can understand God’s word more accurately. I actually want to put the society back into theological society. I want to build a group that scholars can get to know each other and share their research.

I want to do this through:

  • Regular presentations of your scholarship;
  • Opportunities for feedback, critique, questions and complements;
  • Prayer support;
  • Opportunity for friendships and professional relationships;
  • And awesome coffee.

My vision is that we would meet once a month at a coffee shop or somewhere I can obtain high quality coffee. The informal part of the meeting would be people showing up for the event, talking and drinking coffee.

In the formal part of the meeting, we’d have someone present a project that they are working on. It could be a personal study, a class project, dissertation work, a book idea, or even a summary of a published book.

Afterwards, the rest of us will have a chance to provide him with feedback. Then someone will close the meeting with a proper benediction. Afterwards, we can hang out some more and share experiences.

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