Genesis: The Blessing of the Kingdom Part 1

In Genesis, we will trace the kingdom theme as it appeares in the lives of the patriarchs. We will discover that God intends to bless the world through this coming kingdom. God’s blessing started with Adam and Eve. After God created Adam and Eve, God blessed them with Kingdom, multiplication, and provision. However, when AdamContinue reading “Genesis: The Blessing of the Kingdom Part 1”

Introduction to the Study of Kingdom

This episode is about the how we will study the Word of God and how we derive proper theology from it. We will first ask the question: why are we studying the kingdom of God? The answer is simple. Among all the prosed central themes of the Bible, the Kingdom is the central theme ofContinue reading “Introduction to the Study of Kingdom”

Key Kingdom Documents

  A Brief History of God’s People The Children of Israel left the land of Canaan and settled in Egypt, just as God predicted. They lived there four-hundred years, outside of the land that God had promised them. At some point during their sojourn in Egypt, the Pharaoh enslaved the Children of Israel and theyContinue reading “Key Kingdom Documents”

Introduction to the Kingdom

Prolegomena, Definitions and Scope of the Study In the spring of 2017, I had an unusual experience at my job. I work as a commercial electrician, wiring everything from restaurants to high-rise hotels. One day, I showed up to work in downtown Greenville and clocked in. Before I could even greet my boss, he said,Continue reading “Introduction to the Kingdom”

Ancient Archieves of the Coming Kingdom

I’ve been preping a Sunday School series that I plan to teach this summer. The series is about the Kingdom of God, and I call it Ancient Archieves of Coming Kingdom. The next several posts will be lessons in that series. Some of the lessons are manuscripted, others are outline format. If you would likeContinue reading “Ancient Archieves of the Coming Kingdom”