The Council of the Gods

We now are going to take the plunge into the council of the gods! We will begin with a short story that I've composed from the legends of Ugarit called the Ba'al Cycle. After that, we will trace our way carefully through the Scriptures following the theme of the infamous Sons of God. Walking into... Continue Reading →

The Origin of the Gods

Welcome back. This week, we are continuing our venture into what the Bible says about the supernatural. This is a continuation of the series YHWH: God of the Gods. In this episode, we are going to answer the question: where did the gods come from? We will start with a short story from Phoenicia that... Continue Reading →

YHWH: God of the Gods

This is a brand new series for my podcast! Gathering feed back from my last series, I've tried to up my energy level in my recording and I've tried to add some extra stories to make it more interesting. This series will explore the gods of the ancient world in relation to the Old Testament.... Continue Reading →

New Podcast Series Coming Up

Ok guys, I have two new podcast series coming up. The first rolls out this Thursday and it is entitled YHWH: God of the Gods. We are going to launch our exploration into the supernatural world of the Old Testament. The format of the show will fall into two parts. First, I'll read you a story from... Continue Reading →

Stickers are Here!!!

In the slight chance you are a fan of my blog/podcast, I've ordered some stickers with my logo!! If you want any, contact me and I'll see if I can get them to you!!!

Did God Really Give Us the Bible?

This sermon explores the question of whether or not it is reasonable that we can claim the Bible as inspired. We are often presented with emotional or illogical reasons for why the Bible is inspired. This sermon is an effort to understand if we do indeed have a logical reason for claiming that the 66... Continue Reading →

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