BJU v USA Lawsuit Interview

This podcast is supplementary to the final podcast The Murder of the First Amendment in my series on common law and the Old Testament. In this podcast, I get with the guys from Armchair Justice and ask them to help me understand the Bob Jones University v United States of America from a legal perspective.Continue reading “BJU v USA Lawsuit Interview”

The Murder of the First Amendment: How Common Law and Statutory Law Coexist

Introduction [Music: Chad Crouch—Ballad of the Blackbirds—Field Report Vol I: Oaks Bottom] [Sermon by Rod Bell: The Day the Supreme Court Murdered the Constitution, 6/5/1983][1] There’s been many a date that has been dates of notoriety. Important dates and dates has gone down in history in our country. I thought about 1776, July the 4th.Continue reading “The Murder of the First Amendment: How Common Law and Statutory Law Coexist”

The Court against Oppression: Biblical Legal Theory from a Covenant Law Suit

In this podcast, we discover how an ancient Israelite prophet argued his legal case against Israel. This discovery shows how the legal system in Israel was based on a common-law system.

Jesus, Moses, the Law, and Nationality

By Nate Labadorf Introduction Part 1—Start with America April 19th, 1775 [SFX: Cannon fire] This day in history marked the beginning of the American Revolutionary war. At Lexington and Concord, the American militia fought of the well-trained British Army. The British made a number of tactical errors which forced them to retreat. And so startedContinue reading “Jesus, Moses, the Law, and Nationality”

A Grimm View of Theology

In this podcast, I introduce a short series that I’m doing on how to interpret the Old Testament Law. I’m trying to find a way to interpret the law that is hermetically consistent and historically accurate. Links and Sources Volsunga Saga: Margaret Barber Crosby, The Making of a German Constitution: A Slow Revolution (NewContinue reading “A Grimm View of Theology”