Micah and the Kingdom: Part 2

After the first lawsuit, God abruptly switches tones from doom to hope, addressing the reestablishment of the Kingdom of God in the end times. This section starts with a general declaration that God will reestablish Jerusalem as the preeminent city in the whole earth. Then God personally promises to restore David’s Kingdom to greater glory.... Continue Reading →

Micah and the Kingdom: Part 1

For a more in depth look at what the prophets say about the Kingdom, we turn to the book of Micah. Micah the prophet lived in a time much worse than our own. During his life, the Assyrians lead by King Sennacherib invaded the Northern Kingdom razing it to the ground. Standing in the middle... Continue Reading →

The Prophesied Millennial Kingdom

The prophets spoke a lot about that future kingdom, but we focused our attention on what the Old Testament says about the Millennial Kingdom. First, God promises to restore the nation Israel, that is, he promised to rebuild the old, and not give them something new. If God promises to restore the old kingdom, then... Continue Reading →

Notes on the Kingdom of God in the Old Testament

Here are my notes on the Kingdom of God in the Old Testament. Some are manuscripts others are just outlines. I hope that you'll enjoy 🙂 lesson-2b-teacher-outline-1.docx lesson-3b-teacher-outline-1.docx lesson-5-teacher-outline-1.docx lesson-6b-teacher-outline-1.docx lesson-7b-teacher-outline-1.docx lesson-8-teacher-outline-1.docx lesson-3a-teacher-outline-1.docx lesson-2a-teacher-outline-2.docx lesson-4-teacher-outline-1.docx lesson-6a-teacher-outline-2.docx lesson-7a-teacher-outline-1.docx lesson-7c-teacher-outline-1.docx lesson-1-teacher-outline-1.docx

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