A One-Woman Man—Why This Interpretation is Wrong

I’m reading MacAurther’s book Pastoral Ministry. In brief, I have a soap box that he touched on. Here’s what he said: The first character qualification in Titus that spells out what it means for a pastor to be above reproach is that he be “the husband of one wife” (Titus 1:6). A literal translation ofContinue reading “A One-Woman Man—Why This Interpretation is Wrong”

Psalm 58: The Failure of the Divine Council

I wrote a commentary on Psalm 58, which is pretty in-depth. If you’re not into technical Hebrew, just skip to the end where I summarize the psalm. Check it out here! Psalm 58 combines all that makes Hebrew poetry hard: ellipses, rare words, confusing syntax, vague analogies, and imprecations. Yet, even in this muddle, theContinue reading “Psalm 58: The Failure of the Divine Council”

Romans 12:1 A Rational Sacrifice

Romans 12:1 has a very interesting phrase which is translated in a several different ways. Here are some translations of it: NRSV, NASB, ESV: Spiritual worship. NIV: True and proper worship. KJV, NET: Reasonable service. Each of these translations means something very different from the others. “Spiritual worship” and “true and proper worship” tend toContinue reading “Romans 12:1 A Rational Sacrifice”