Jesus: YHWH, Prophet, and Message

While the commission of Isaiah is often cited for missions, the message that the Lord gives him is often overlooked. Here is what Isaiah was to preach: And he said, “Go, and say to this people: “‘Keep on hearing, but do not understand; keep on seeing, but do not perceive.’ Make the heart of thisContinue reading “Jesus: YHWH, Prophet, and Message”

Paregesis: The Homiletical Danger of “Timeless Truths”

We all acknowledge the dangers of interpreting the Bible with a preconceived idea. We call it eisegesis. You interpret into the text something that isn’t there. While the conclusion reached may not be wrong, the method is fallacious. In current preaching styles, we follow an expository method to avoid this error. Typically, expository means preachingContinue reading “Paregesis: The Homiletical Danger of “Timeless Truths””

The Fire Baptized Holiness Church Part 3

Theological Emphases of the Fire Baptized Holiness Church Overall, the doctrine of the FBHC was quite orthodox. They maintained justification from sin through faith in Christ alone. They also listed many organizations which they stood firmly against, like the Unitarians and the Mormons. They also stood for premillennialism, a newly revived doctrine in its day.Continue reading “The Fire Baptized Holiness Church Part 3”

O Glory! I Feel the Fire! The Fire Baptist Holiness Church Part 2

The Founding of the Fire Baptized Holiness Association In 1898, he held camp meetings in Royston Georgia. Here, J. H. King, who later succeeded Irwin as leader of the FBHA, first met up with Irwin. King had just finished his degree from U. S. Grant University School of Theology and was a minister in theContinue reading “O Glory! I Feel the Fire! The Fire Baptist Holiness Church Part 2”

O Glory! I Feel the Fire! The Fire Baptized Holiness Church Part 1

“Trouble Coming for Oswego. The ‘Fire Baptized Holiness association’ has been organized at Oswego.” Thus read the advertisement in the Kansas newspaper, the Baxter Springs News, in 1904. It was not without warrant either. This strange organization was spreading like wildfire in the South and Midwestern states. It was known for one thing: craziness. FiveContinue reading “O Glory! I Feel the Fire! The Fire Baptized Holiness Church Part 1”

The Atheistic Origins of Polytheism Part 4

A Modern Use of Eusebius’s Argument While the church today does not battle classical paganism, Eusebius’s argument still holds much value for the church. It touches on the matter of the origins of religion. In this discussion, there are two basic philosophies. On the one hand, according to atheistic evolutionary thought, primitive people believed in some sort of animism and an afterlife, then they moved toshamanism,Continue reading “The Atheistic Origins of Polytheism Part 4”

The Atheistic Origins of Polytheism Part 2

Eusebius’s Argument: That Polytheism is Atheism The Theory of Origins Eusebius argues polytheists explain the origin of the universe as pure chance, and not by creation of God or gods. And since they believe that chance is the creator of all things, then they are atheists in their beliefs about origins. This conclusion points to them as the true atheists. He supportsContinue reading “The Atheistic Origins of Polytheism Part 2”

The Atheistic Origins of Polytheism Part 1

Eusebius grew up in a world full of controversy and upheaval. During his life time, he faced the last and greatest of the Roman persecutions under Diocletian. Then he rejoiced at the sudden victory and Christianization of Constantine. And through all these things, throughout his life, he maintained a strong zeal for the Gospel. He was born around AD 260,Continue reading “The Atheistic Origins of Polytheism Part 1”

Leo Tolstoy’s What I Believe

Over spring break, I also read Leo Tolstoy’s What I Believe. In this book, he relates his personal journey from atheism to his version of Christianity. Earlier in his life, he had no use for religion. During these years he wrote his novels and other famous works. But then, finding something lacking in himself, heContinue reading “Leo Tolstoy’s What I Believe”

Finding Motivation for Ministry

Consider with me 2 Corinthians 3:18: And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit. This verse is usually interpreted to mean that we are all in aContinue reading “Finding Motivation for Ministry”