Confessions on Total Depravity, Part 2: Genesis Six and Eight

Read also Part 1. Yahweh, I come before you. Undeserving of any of your favors, for I am not worthy to be called your son. Oh Yahweh, guide my thoughts and my understanding. Lead me in the path of righteousness for your name sake. There are many who say we cannot respond to you unlessContinue reading “Confessions on Total Depravity, Part 2: Genesis Six and Eight”

Confessions on Total Depravity, Part 1

This post and the following ones are written in the form of a confession: theology put to prayer. It is a prayer to God as I exegete his word. Because it is a prayer, I do not have exegetical details in the text. Please see each footnote for exegetical support. Supplication Oh Lord, Yahweh God,Continue reading “Confessions on Total Depravity, Part 1”

Compassion: The Common Work of God

At times, I’ve heard a sentiment like this repeated: “It should surprise us that God should have compassion on us in our rebellion.” The statement above is common at least by way of sentiment in the evangelical world. But I wonder if it is true. Should we be surprised that God would move to haveContinue reading “Compassion: The Common Work of God”

Broken Sprit: Dealing with My Anger, Depression, and Bitterness

My soul is broken. I’m not sure how else to describe it. It’s taken me time to recognize this and I’m still discovering how I got here. Today, I am on my way to healing. But I have a long way to go. It is in this time I meditate on the goodness and kindnessContinue reading “Broken Sprit: Dealing with My Anger, Depression, and Bitterness”

Concerning the Eucharist

By Nate Labadorf My thoughts are still forming concerning the proper practice of the Eucharist. I’m still not settled on how exactly one should administer the Eucharist, if there is an exact way, or if there are a variety of acceptable forms. So far, I’ve gained clarity concerning the purpose of the Eucharist which IContinue reading “Concerning the Eucharist”

Theological Divisions and Paul

I was working on my exegesis of 1 Corinthians 2:14 (a text often used to defend total inability [a Calvinist concept]) and discovered something rather shocking in context: God hates it when we divide Christ on the altar of theology. This video is my walk through of the passage in its entire context 1 CorinthiansContinue reading “Theological Divisions and Paul”

9:00PM Livestream Conversation with a Budding Calvinist

Tonight at 9:00pm, I will chat with a friend of mine Brandon Groce who is going down the Reformed route in theology. We’ve been friends for a while and, interestingly enough, we both started asking and finding answers to our soteriological questions at the same time. When I found out about this, I was instantlyContinue reading “9:00PM Livestream Conversation with a Budding Calvinist”

John 6 and Effectual Drawing: What Does It Mean to Hear and Learn?

This question was posed to me on the ever so scholarly debate platform Facebook. Nate Labadorf what is your argument as to why election is not unconditional, and why Christ is not given all the sheep He is given by God in Him (Christ )in John 6? Let’s answer that second question in this post.Continue reading “John 6 and Effectual Drawing: What Does It Mean to Hear and Learn?”

Persecuted for Righteousness Sake? Conservative Politics and the Injustice of a Godless Society

Recently, Apple, Google, and Amazon, or Big Tech as they are called, systematically removed accessibility to the conservative social media alternative Parler. This, of course, is in reaction to the insurrection at the Capitol building Wednesday January 6th. While it appears that at this time it is legal for them to act as they did,Continue reading “Persecuted for Righteousness Sake? Conservative Politics and the Injustice of a Godless Society”