Bible Stands (Modified Lyrics)

Stanza 1: The Bible stands like a rock undaunted     'Mid the raging storms of time; Its pages burn with the truth eternal,      And they glow with a light sublime.   Chorus: The Bible stands tho' the hills may tumble,      It will firmly stand when the earth shall crumble; I will plant my... Continue Reading →

Hymn: The Humbled God

Here's a song I've written (at least the words). It's to the tune of Mary Did You Know. I wrote it in response to a message I heard during the Christmas season of 2017. It's focuses on Philippians 2:5ff, both his humiliation and exaltation. Verse 1 (Humbly): Long, long ago, Jesus came to earth, born... Continue Reading →

A Child’s Faith

For all the learning that we can achieve in the knowledge of God, it is not necessary for life. All that we need is a child's faith, simple child's faith that is merely content with trusting him. It is a heart dependent on his words without demanding that he explain it all to us. And... Continue Reading →

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