Awakened Church: Race Relations in the Pentateuch and Hermeneutical Interaction with Woke Church

I finally edited my paper on racial relations. And I’ve posted it on my Academia Site. Here is my introduction:

When it comes to discussions on race relations, sides are quickly chosen, and the battle lines are drawn. Each side is ready to do whatever it takes to destroy the other. While this reaction is expected in the broader culture, unfortunately it is true in the Church as well. To make matters worse, the battle lines are not always drawn between exegetical differences, but rather between right and left politics.

It is true, as is quickly pointed out by the right, that the Social Justice Movement is fraught with hermeneutical issues. But the truth is, the exegesis on the right seems more concerned with tearing down the left rather than comprehensively understanding social justice. And in the end, they neglect to hear the cries of their brothers and sisters.

Eric Mason cries out to the Evangelical Church in his book Woke Church. He points out that the Church is “regeneration-focused in a way that ignores the outworking of new life in the world. Historically, when it comes to race and justice, conservative evangelical Christianity didn’t have a theology by and large that moved them toward activism.”[1] This lack of a positive theology of social justice must be met. And in a small way, it is the purpose of this paper to explore the Pentateuch in order to build a theology of God’s laws concerning racial relations.

[1]. Eric Mason is one of the leading black Evangelical leaders on race relations. Eric Mason, Woke Church: An Urgent Call for Christians in America to Confront Racism and Injustice (Chicago: Moody, 2018), 37.

Link to my paper:


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