Christ as King: The Royal Supremacy of Christ

Hey y’all, I just finished a paper for Christology on the topic of Christ as King. It’s not super technical, so you’ll find it a more or less easy read.

Here is a summery of it:

Christians often treat Jesus as a friend and a brother, as well they should. He is both the “first-born among many brethren” and our friend (Heb 2:10; Jn 15:14-15). Yet, in American society, we have often left Christ on this level only. We often do not think what it means that he is King and Lord. But his kingliness and austerity are as necessary to understand as is his familial relationship. It is the purpose of this paper to explore Jesus’ kingship and draw some theopraxical conclusions from it.

This survey finds that Christ’s position as king demands that we treat him with respect and dignity. The function of the king in the OT sets the stage for his position of dignity and respect. His position was predicted in the OT and he perfectly fulfilled it. He came onto the world’s stage claiming to be that king. He met the criterion for being that king. And he has the authority to act as the king. In the end, it is our duty to obey and honor him to the best of our abilities.



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