Jesus, Humbled for Us All

So I wrote another hymn, but this time I have included music with it!

I know the quality of my voice and guitar playing is not as awesome as some of y’all. So if you want to take this song and make it better, go ahead. Just shoot me an email or comment if you do so.

Dear God Chords and Lyrics

Verse One
Dear God, I bring to you my offering:
Of your great glory I will sing with my heart!
Back when the earth and space and time began,
And all according to your plan—it was good.
But then Satan rejected! He opposed you to your face,
Tempting man to steal your knowledge! So then fell the human race.
And then grieved they left your presence, your image now effaced.
No longer loving Glory; In great need of Your grace.
Verse Two
But then One entered into sin-filled night
A Message, Word, a Hope, a Light—Your dear Son.
Although He is very God of God,
He came down; On earth he trod as a man.
Suffering like us, though perfect, He loved us as we are.
He touched the blind, the leaper, And He healed them by His power.
Then He writhed under the whip blows. And the nails broke through His hands.
And the cross tortured his body. Died the God, the Son of Man!
Yet, Death could not hold His power! For He is Eternal Life!
And He burst the Grave asunder Crushing Death by His own might!
Verse Three
Dear God, Why suffer all this agony?
Why give your Son to die for me? For us all?
Oh God, I cannot help but bow my knee.
I am your servant; You’re my King—My great Lord!
I swear to You allegiance. For you died to set me free!
I am Yours to do Your bidding. For I have been redeemed!
And no more sin’s awful mast’ry; only your commands of love.
I will serve you till I’m buried or till you come from above.

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