Christ and the Divine Council

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Recently I  wrote a paper on Christ’s relationship with the divine council. This paper has changed my view on a lot of things in the Scriptures. For example, one of the things that I discovered is that Jesus’ death “reconciles all things to himself . . . whether things on earth or things in the heavens” (Col 1:20). This means, contra the opinions that I have heard on the subject, that Jesus’ death in some way reconciles the angels who have been estranged from God. I explain it all in the paper.

This paper is merely my understanding of the raw data available in the Scriptures. I don’t really dig into scholarship in this paper. It is also just a general survey so it is not super detailed. Even if you’ve done just a minimum amount of reading on the subject you should be able to process this paper without too much trouble.

Oh, and also this paper is written from a Christian theology perspective. In other words, in this paper I make no distinction between the theological data gathered from the NT as opposed to the OT. It is all the Christian Scriptures and thus usable for our theology. For example, it is important when exegeting the text to not read the NT back into the OT. But when building a theology, we are moving beyond exegesis into philosophy. My philosophical assumption is that the OT is replete with references to Christ. Therefore, it is entirely necessary to find those passages which speak of him.


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