Red Herrings and the Racial Divide

Another problem in the ethnic relations debate is the systematic use of red herrings. The white church uses this so much that we are about to cause this fish to go extinct.

Here’s what I mean. When we white evangelicals come to the table, we bring along our political views and place them alongside our Bible. We are quick to point out the abuses of the social justice movement and how politicians etc. have used it to greedy ends. We point out the dangers of communism and socialism. All these things are considerations, but they are not the issue at hand. They simply divert us from the fact that our brothers and sisters are in real, legitimate pain.

We need to listen. We must not tell them that the racist years are behind us. Many of them can remember overt racism direct against them. Telling them to “move on” is like telling a rape victim to “just get over it.” I must admit I don’t understand it all. But we can at least listen.

Paul said, “Weep with those who weep.” He didn’t add “but only if you think they are weeping over a legitimate issue.” He said to weep. I think we must do a better job at understanding and loving our family in this way.

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