YHWH in His Council

In this podcast, we explore how God interacts with His council. The content actually is a paper written by Judson Greene who is studying for his Masters in Biblical Languages and Literature. The paper is a little dense, so if you have problems understanding it, don’t worry. I ended up reading it about 4 or 5 times before I felt like I comprehended it all the way. In any event, I plan to interview Judson (if he accepts my interview request) and ask him to explain parts of his paper. IF you have questions about his paper, feel free to contact me and I’ll get them to Judson.

For a copy of Judson’s paper: Omni and Intra- God in the Divine Council

3 thoughts on “YHWH in His Council

  1. Good overview of the Divine Council. Thank you for making us aware of this paper. As for a question, I am interested in Judson’s further thoughts on how divine simplicity connects with the DC. He mentions it briefly a the beginning of the paper. If he could flesh out how the two concepts connect that would be great.


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