The Plan: Interviews, Courses, and Patreon

So this week is a bit of a house keeping podcast. I’d like to expand Fresh Ground Theology and get more people aware of what were doing. I’ve got several ideas that I want your feed back from!

  1. I want to interview students and read more papers on this podcast. The idea here is to ask them about why and how they got into theology. I want to bring the personal side to theology that you don’t often hear. Also, I want to take more their papers and present them on the show. That way their research does not die in the back of a filling cabinate somewhere.
  2. I want to launch a course on How to Do Theology. My goal is to make a course that presents a simple way to do theology. In order to create the show, I’m going to interview teachers and theologians on how the do their theology. I’ll post these interviews on the podcast.
  3. I want to create a physical event of the Coffee House Symposium. I literally want to meet in a coffee house with a bunch of people interested in theology. Someone will present his research and then we’ll ask him questions about it. I’d also like to get authors into the symposium to present a summary of their work and to sell their books.
  4. I’ve also come up with a Patreon site to help raise money to outsource my audio editing. . For $5 a month, you can get a Fresh Ground Theology sticker. For $15 a month, you can get that Enoch poster that we discussed in the last podcast.

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