Upcoming Podcasts

  • So I’m needing some time to study for my podcast series entitled YHWH: God of the Gods. My next episode will start on the fall of the devil and his angels–this will be fascinating, I promise. Over the next few weeks I plan to read several papers written by buddies of mine.
    • Judson Greene: Omni and Intra: God’s Personal, Temporal, Locative Presence in the Divine Council. This paper is a fascinating exploration into how God interacts with the divine council and what the ramifications for Theology Proper. This will air on 7/18/19. I plan to have a follow up interview with Judson at the end of August.
  • After this paper, the subject of the coffee house symposium will be post-reformation theologians.
    • Matthew Bohin: An Analysis of Religious Affections by Jonathan Edwards. This paper dives into the the work Religious Affections and gives a really great overview of the book, which is helpful if you’ve ever read Jonathan Edwards. This will air on 7/25 with a follow up interview sometime near the end of August.
      Jonathon Davis: Theology of Bonhoeffer. This topic was especially interesting to me because I’ve often wondered about Bonhoeffer. In my fundamentalist upbringing, I’ve heard everything that he was a false teacher to he was just slightly errant. I found it fascinating to finally understand and appreciate Bonhoeffer.

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