Mary’s Rise to Power

This week, we are going to do something different in the show. We are going to kick off a tangential series called the Coffee House Symposium. In this series, I will read a theological paper. Then, if you have any questions or comments about it, you can respond to this post or email me through the contact form. After I get some questions, then I’ll interview the author of the paper on the show. I will read papers written by me, written by my buddies here at the seminary or written by you. If you would like to submit a paper, just contact me through the contact form, and we’ll talk about your paper.

The first paper was written by Jared Garcia and is entitled Mariology in the First Five Centuries: An Introduction to the Development of Mariology in the Early Church. Jared explored the development of Mariology–the theology of the virgin Mary–as it developed in the early church down to the year AD 500. Here is the full text of his paper: Garcia, Jared Mariology in the First Five Centuries .

Music by Jason Shaw: Greensleeves and Solo Acoustic Guitar.

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