New Podcast Series Coming Up

Ok guys, I have two new podcast series coming up. The first rolls out this Thursday and it is entitled YHWH: God of the GodsWe are going to launch our exploration into the supernatural world of the Old Testament. The format of the show will fall into two parts. First, I’ll read you a story from the ancient world, like a myth or history or something like that. The purpose of this is to get you into the mindset of the ancient world. Then second, we’ll dig through scripture to see what it says about the supernatural. I think this is will be really cool. 

The other series coming up is called Coffee House Symposium. This rolls out on May 16th with the first paper written by Jared Garcia on Mariology. It’s pretty cool. Pull up a chair, get you’re favorite cup of coffee, and enjoy a digital symposium. The idea is, I’ll read on the podcast a theological paper that either me, my buddies, or you have written. And if you want to read the paper yourself, I’ll post a full text on the webpage. Then, you’ll submit your questions about the paper. You can go to the contact form or just post on article on the . After I get enough questions about the paper, I’ll invite the author to be on my show and I’ll ask him your questions. I think it will be a lot of fun. 

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