Bible Stands (Modified Lyrics)

Stanza 1:

The Bible stands like a rock undaunted

    ‘Mid the raging storms of time;

Its pages burn with the truth eternal,

     And they glow with a light sublime.



The Bible stands tho’ the hills may tumble,

     It will firmly stand when the earth shall crumble;

I will plant my feet on its firm foundation,

     For the Bible stands.


Stanza 2:

The Gospels stand for they bear eyewitness

     To the life and work of Christ.

And through the ages they have been tested,

     And their acc’racy verified.



Stanza 3:

The Epistles stand for they have been written

     By the men Christ authorized

To testify over land and ocean

     That from death Jesus is alive.



Stanza 4:

The Prophets stand for they foretold Jesus

     With unfailing acc’racy.

The Law and Psalms, Jesus oft repeated,

     Would not fail for eternity.


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