[Fixed] Micah and the Kingdom: Part 1

So, a buddy of mine pointed out some editing issues on my podcast. This episode is the same one as before, except it only has one introduction instead of three. 🙂

For a more in depth look at what the prophets say about the Kingdom, we turn to the book of Micah. Micah the prophet lived in a time much worse than our own. During his life, the Assyrians lead by King Sennacherib invaded the Northern Kingdom razing it to the ground. Standing in the middle of the city with the stench of war all around, Micah declares that God was judging Israel for their sins. The book begins and ends with two court cases against Israel. When the verdict of destruction is reached, Micah breaks out in lament. Then, each of these laments is followed by a response, the first was a refusal to repent and the second was humble repentance.  Because the people refused to repent, God declared that Zion would be “plowed as a field.” However, sometime after the people heard this prophecy and judgment, they repented of their sins and God changed His mind concerning the judgment at that time. This response of repentance is detailed in the second Courtroom section of the book. God again declares judgement and Micah laments. But, in a prayer to God, Micah personifies the godly remnant of the nation Judah as they respond in repentance. Judah declares her trust that God will forgive her sins. And God not only forgives, but He removes their sin casting them into the depths of the seas and he promises to restore the nation of Israel to a greater glory in the end times.

Outline of Micah:

A: The Lawsuit Against the Kingdom B: The Future of the Kingdom C: The King of the Kingdom
Aa: Sentencing Samaria (1:2-7)
Ab: Lament for Jerusalem (1:8-16)
Ac: Response of Disbelief (2:1-3:12)
Ba: The Nations Coming to Jerusalem (4:1-5)
Bb: God Promises Restoration (4:6-8)
C1: The Agony of Zion (4:9-10c)
C2: The Rescue of Zion (4:10d-i)
C3: The Conquest by Zion (4:11-13)
C4: The Leader of Zion (5:1-5a)
‘Ba: The Nations Defeated by Judah (5:5b-9)
‘Bb: God Promises to Defeat Judah’s Enemies (5:10-15)
‘Aa: Sentencing of Jerusalem (6:10-16)
‘Ab: Lament for Jerusalem (7:1-6)
‘Ac: Response of Trust (7:7-20)





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