The Prophesied Millennial Kingdom

The prophets spoke a lot about that future kingdom, but we focused our attention on what the Old Testament says about the Millennial Kingdom. First, God promises to restore the nation Israel, that is, he promised to rebuild the old, and not give them something new. If God promises to restore the old kingdom, then he must restore it. Therefore, these passages cannot refer to the new earth because with everything new, it cannot be said that God restored the Old Kingdom. Also, there is no debate about where God plans to restore Israel. God states clearly where he will place Israel in the Millennium: it be in their own land, the land promised to their fathers. Therefore, it has to be this side of the new earth because that land will no longer exist in the new earth. Further, we know that there will be the chance of rebellion when Jesus reigns over earth. For, if a nation will not come to celebrate the Feast of Booths, they will receive no rain. Since rebellion is possible, this cannot be the new earth where all men have a new heart submissive to God. Therefore, this must be a time before the new earth, which indicates that there will be indeed a Millennial reign. Finally, the fact that Jesus will build the temple indicates a Millennial Kingdom. Since the temple cannot be built in the new earth, then, it must be rebuilt before that time: in the Millennial Kingdom.



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