Songs of the Kingdom

Now, we move to the Psalms. The Psalms have a completely different feel to them. They present the truth of the Kingdom in poetical form, not in chronological form. The first psalm we considered was Psalm 2. This Psalm presents the king of the kingdom. People, nations, kings rebel against him now. But through the resurrection, God will use the Anointed one—Jesus—to establish the kingdom. It will be a universal kingdom. Therefore, as the author of Psalm 2 enjoins, we are to kiss the son lest he be angry. We must submit to him now, or else die before him later. The next Psalm we considered is Psalm 18, which presented the international reach of the kingdom. The Kingdom includes all the nations of the world. Thus the 18th Psalm indicated the universal scope of the Anointed’s Reign. And this universal scope of the kingdom motivates Paul to preach the Gospel of the kingdom to the gentiles: The good news that they too can enter into the kingdom. Next, we came to Psalm 45 which is a Coronation Hymn. This Psalm describes the awesome wonder of that King and the joy of the new kingdom. The King, who is Jesus, is anointed by God himself. And God declares the truth Jesus is God. Then we came to Psalm 145 which looks at the eternal kingdom of God and its relationship to us. It is a jubilant Psalm, calling us to trust and praise the God who controls all things.



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