A Child’s Faith

For all the learning that we can achieve in the knowledge of God, it is not necessary for life. All that we need is a child’s faith, simple child’s faith that is merely content with trusting him. It is a heart dependent on his words without demanding that he explain it all to us. And an honesty that takes at face value his decrees about us.

In all the bustle of this life, I fail to hear you Lord.

My heart grows faint from the strife that keeps me from your word.

Yet paradox, within your word I study every hour.

But as a text, not as a friend, I analyze and scour.

Each verb I parse, each noun I know. I’ve read the parallels.

But this I miss, your loving voice that guides me through each peril.

Oh! help me see beyond the text the Word who died for me!

Lift up my eyes that I may spy your Love nailed on the tree!

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