Key Kingdom Documents: Part 2

Built into the constitution of Israel, God also declared his intension to give them a human king. God predicts that Israel will desire a king when the settled in the land and directs Israel in how they would choose their king. Their King was to be divinely appointed, that is, chosen by God. He was to be an Israelite, and not a stranger. A stranger would not know God the true ruler of Israel, and he might introduce the strange gods into the nation of Israel. Therefore, God required the king to be an Israelite. The greatest human king of Israel was David. Because of his faithfulness, God gave David an unconditional covenant. It stated that David and his son would inherit an eternal kingdom. And David’s son would build a house for God and would become the son of God as well.  Today, we do not see David’s kingdom and we cannot see how God will reestablish a monarchy in Israel. Ethan the Ezrahite wrestled with the same question in Psalm 89. Although confused by his surroundings, Ethan did not seek a “deeper” meaning to God’s promises. Rather, he turned to God and asked, “Lord, when will you make good on your promises as you have stated them?” Even today, we have our own struggles with the promises of God. But If we take God at his word like Ethan did, we do not have to spiritualize his promises, but trust that somehow God will fulfill his promises exactly as he said.



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