About Me

I realized that my about page was empty. I updated it and included the text here 🙂

Hey! I’m Nate Labadorf. I love God and my family and I also love theology and coffee (hence the name). I’m from Travelers Rest SC and I was homeschooled till college. My childhood can be described in three words: bare feet, Bluegrass and BB guns. Feeling the call to preach, I went to Bob Jones University where I got my BA in Bible and my MA Biblical Studies. I am now currently working on my Ph.D in Theological Studies with an Old Testament emphasis.

As for coffee, I enjoy roasting my own. My favorite beans are from Kenya but I also super-enjoy beans from other African countries. I typically shoot for a city+ roast, but I have been known to get distracted and end up with a French roast. My go to brew is a Makita pour over, though I’ll use an Aeropress from time to time. And the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life was a cabinet FULL of Folgers… like someone actually spent money on that!

Outside of school, I work as a journeyman electrician for Carolina Power. I’ve wired high-rise hotels, restaurants, schools, and a bunch of other buildings. I’ve also wired many of my church remodeling projects and a installed security POE security camera system. Of all the trades, I think electrical is the best.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Nate, I’m really glad to see this—I had no idea! I am praying for you right now as I write.

    Hey, you should really come to the Bible Faculty Summit. All BJU PhD students should be there. Talk to Brian Collins for more details and a possible ride. =)


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