Genesis: The Blessing of the Kingdom Part 2

In this podcast, we will observe the Patriarchs, noting that God’s blessing only comes through righteousness and obedience. God records that the blessing on Abraham came because he was righteous. Looking back, Adam and Noah received their blessings because they too were righteous. As for the Blessing of Provision, God blessed the patriarchs with provision throughout the accounts. As for the Blessing of Multiplication, God promised Abraham a descendant. The ultimate fruition of the descendant promise is that God would bless all the earth through Abraham’s descendant who we find out is Christ. As for the Blessing of Dominion, God promised that Abraham would become a nation and that the Land of Canaan would belong to Abraham and his seed. At first, the land is in a vague promise that God would show to Abraham the land which He would give him. When Abraham arrived in Canaan, God specified that it was this land. After Abraham divided from Lot, God detailed the expanse of the land to be as far as Abraham could see in every direction. The first geographical boundaries appear in Genesis 15:18: from the Nile to the Euphrates. Yet, the land promised to the patriarchs seems to be only the base from which dominion over the whole earth is exercised. Paul says that God promised Abraham and his descendants that they “would be heir[s] of the world.” Thus, when the land promise is fulfilled, the land of Israel becomes the center from which the universal Dominion Blessing is exercised.

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