Genesis: The Blessing of the Kingdom Part 1

In Genesis, we will trace the kingdom theme as it appeares in the lives of the patriarchs. We will discover that God intends to bless the world through this coming kingdom. God’s blessing started with Adam and Eve. After God created Adam and Eve, God blessed them with Kingdom, multiplication, and provision.

However, when Adam sinned, God came and limited the blessing with a curse. Into the blessing of multiplication, God introduced pain into Eve’s fertility. Into the blessing of Kingdom, God introduced strife between the ruling parties (man and wife) and between the woman and the serpent. Into the blessing of provision, God introduced labor and pain while tilling the ground. But why did God limit the blessing? Because man became sinful. If he was allowed unlimited participation in the blessing, he would twist and destroy it.

Toward the end of the pre-flood world, Noah became one of the last few men who were righteous.  So, God rescued him from the flood through the ark.  After the water subsided, God gave Noah and his sons a blessing, including the three parts of the Creation Blessing. God repeats the blessing of multiplication verbatim, emphasizing that this blessing will continue into the post-flood world. God discussed the Provision Blessing, and he allowed men to eat animals as well as plants. God developed the Kingdom Blessing, introducing the idea of capital punishment into society. These things are a blessing, not because they were intended in the original creation, but because they limit the effects of sin.

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