The Creation Blessing through Abraham

Whenever I read the book of Genesis, I am fascinated by what I read. Whether it is the mysteries of the antediluvian world, or the incredible promises of God to the patriarchs, the content grips my attention. But, I have often wondered can the book of Genesis be summarized in a single theme? And, after some research on the question, the answer popped out of the text: the theme of blessing.

In the beginning, God blesses the first couple with three things: multiplication of children, dominion over the earth, and the provision of food. To this day, man cannot help but receive this blessing: people of no trouble multiplying; wherever people go, they manage the environment to make it better; and they find the resources necessary to sustain life. But of course, these blessings are not perfect, because Adam sinned. Now that people are unrighteous, they twist the blessing: rape, incest, and unnatural relations; environmental destruction, strife, and warfare; starvation, drought, and famine.

Yet, God has mercy and wants to fix his twisted creation, and so he sends his blessing through the obedience of Abraham. God chose Abraham and blessed him because he was obedient to God. And, remarkably, God uses the same three parts of the blessing when he blesses Abraham: multiplication, dominion, and provision. Beyond the needs of Abraham, God gave him wealth and riches, abundant harvest and water. He also promised that his descendants would be rulers in the earth, finding their homeland in Canaan. He promised that his descendance would be more than the stars in number and that they would push to the four corners of the earth. And through him and his seed, God would bless all the nations.

How, then, can this promised blessing be fulfilled? God promises to Abraham not just multiple descendants, but one descendant in particular who will bless the world. And later we learn that the descendant is Jesus. Through Jesus righteousness, he blesses the nation by making other people righteous. And if you think about it, the only way to have a perfect blessing is that perfectly righteous people receive the blessing. Adam was righteous before the fall, and he received the blessing. Noah too, while not perfect, was righteous by his faith and he received the blessing. Abraham as well was declared righteous by his faith, and he received the blessing which would restore the earth to its perfect state.

Thus, Jesus, the descendant of Abraham, blesses those who trust him. And those who trust Jesus, believers, are made sons of Abraham. And as sons, they inherit the blessing God gave to Abraham—multiplication, dominion, and provision. And someday, Jesus will return to establish the full fruition of that blessing, by removing this sin-filled world, are replacing it with an Eden-like paradise.

If you read this post and you are interested in reading more detail, read my formal paper on the subject: Gods Blessing Through His People A Theological Overview of Genesis (AutoRecovered)

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